Mark and Julia Hamilton

Hello All! 

Sorry folks..... for the lack of updating.  For the last year, Julia and I have been fulfilling a dream that, for the most part, took us away from painting new works.  Ironically, the dream was building a new home and custom studio in Carlton, Oregon......so we can paint more!     Here we are in October 2017, and we are just now getting "back to it". 

So be on the lookout for more frequent updates to the website and some very exciting new works...

Stay tuned. 

Check out Julia's gallery for more images of her newest work

RiverSea Gallery Entry Wall  -  Astoria, Oregon 

If interested in any of our works, or a special project, please feel free to contact me for information.   We are accepting commission work from the small to very large scale, multiple panel residential and commercial designs.  Some large scale cradled panels are manufactured by us with 1/4 inch baltic birch on frame for optimum strength and stability, however, most of our recent work is being done on baltic birch cradled panels made by American Easel is Salem, Oregon.

Please sign the guestbook and let us know you stopped by, we really appreciate the time you take to do this.  Thanks again for the support and stopping by to check out our creations.
Mark and Julia Hamilton


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