Mark and Julia Hamilton

Artist's Bio


I graduated from art school with a degree in fine art in 1990 in Arkansas.  I have a very eclectic background in art with much experimentation in various media.  I love it all.  I happily settled down with watercolor until a friend of mine introduced me to encaustic painting in late 2011.  I knew immediately my art world would change forever as I was immediately addicted.  Thank you Becky!!

I live in Oregon with my lovely British-born wife, Julia of twenty years and my two wonderful sons, Alex and Ben. (and the cat with many names).   They are my foundation and my pride and joy.

I am mostly inspired by nature and abstractions of nature from my outdoor adventures while hiking, flying or floating in and around this wonderful state I live in and my adopted country of England.


Now the better artist!!  Just kidding! A little competition never hurts!

I have some formal training in art but mostly a lifelong love of art and beautiful things.  After a very long hiatus and seeing Mark's creations, I decided to have a go.

I am also very taken with the freedom this medium offers and really enjoy using organic materials to add texture, depth and interest.  
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